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If you have been paying attention…

(and if you haven’t, why not, hmmm??) you would have noticed that I am kinda sorta interested in baking. So when I found out the newest series of Chefs Table on Netflix was focused on pastry, I was a smidgin excited. OK, more than a smidgin. It is only four eps, but… I loved it. I know there has been a bit of hoohah about the lack of women, particularly given most of the world’s greatest pastry chefs are chicks, and I agree. Same old same old, hey gals? But do check it out for some baking inspo.

The Gastropod podcast delivered a truly fascinating ep on recipe books, their history, the changes seen over the years, etc. I don’t think it is a new ep, but I am in catch-up mode on all sorts of things. I have just put NPR’s The Sporkful podcast on the list, as it won a James Beard Award this week. I am looking forward to checking it out and reporting back.

I am obsessed with recipe books. I have a lot.

Some of them I just like to look at because they are pretty. But there are some I return to over and over again because I love the flavours, I love the way things turn out, I love that they work (see The rant) and I love the approbation I get from my loved ones when I serve up the goodies (yes, I require constant positive reinforcement).

The list changes all the time as I flit around my bookshelf and my obsessions change, but here are my current top 5:

  1. Sweet – Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh – every single thing in this book is beyond.
  2. Healthy Baking – Jordan Bourke – baking with interesting grains, less sugar and butter, but still delish.
  3. Comptoir Libanais Express – Tony Kitous – easy spicy tasty fast food.
  4. Fire and Smoke – Rich Harris – to take your BBQing past the snag on a roll.
  5. Short and Sweet – Dan Lepard – my go-to bible of baking


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