Mashed, smashed and pulled.

And other random acts of violence against food.

Technically this isn’t about a particular ingredient. Even non-technically actually. And pretty much this entire post is a rant, so no subheadings are required. Oh OK, if you insist:

The rant.

Those of you who know me will be familiar with my general ambivalence toward the current practice of pulling every kind of meat there is. I don’t really understand it, particularly when it comes to chicken. There are very few ways of getting chicken off a carcass that do not involve some kind of pulling activity, so referring to any kind of chicken as ‘pulled’ is just the worst kind of food wankery.

But when you start thinking about it, there is quite a lot of violence against food appearing on menus all over town.

There is the millenial favourite: smashed avo*.

There’s smashing and mashing and shredding and pulling going on all over town.

I understand food preparation is basically the act of taking a group of items nature has delivered to us and turning them into something else. This process obviously requires some level of manipulation and breaking down of some bits to make brand new deliciousness. But what’s with the violent terminology?

We could call it delicately detached pork. Gently flattened avo. Smooshy potato. Do they sound kinder, friends?

*And when did we start dropping the ‘cado’? Is that just an Australian phenomenon?  Oh, here’s a word that has waaaaay too many syllables so let’s drop a few off the end and oh joy, it already ends in an ‘o’ so we don’t have to add one’ like we do with every single man’s name ever.

Photo credit: Photo by FOODISM360 on Unsplash

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